Showcase Your Brand to the Right Audience

Leverage popular social media channels to deliver personalized ads to your buying group members. Target professional audience from your account list through Facebook and LinkedIn. Focus only on right target audience matching your persona with the help of Conversational AI platform.





Accelerate Your Pipeline with Highly Visible Ads

Boost your performance even further and exceed objectives with SalesboxAI advertisement interface. Accelerate each stage of the pipeline by targeting audience based on the buyer journey. AI ensures ad visibility to the target audience at the right point of time to improve the decision-making process.

Put Advertisement on Autopilot

Inculcate predictive analysis into ad automation to eliminate manual tasks and put your digital ads on autopilot. AI will automatically optimize bids, budgets, targeting and creative to deliver maximum result for the investment provided.





Improve Your Lead Score with AI Targeting

Score your leads with high intent engagements from targeted ads. Each interaction from the targeted advertisements adds on to your lead score.

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