Use Multiple Channels

With the power of AI at your fingertips, you can now launch multi-channel direct-response campaigns over email, Facebook, text, chat and the web.

Foster Engagement

AI-Avatar can facilitate conversations, reactivate stale leads, discover new customers, upsell current customers and more to accelerate sales and growth.

Differentiate Your Experience

AI-Avatar can solicit customer feedback, answer questions, suggest a product, take online orders - and more - to give your customers a unique experience with your brand..

Fuel Online Sales with an Omni-Channel Assistant

Your personal AI-driven sales avatar can engage in a conversation with every lead you generate in order to deliver the right content, set an appointment, take an online order, collect a payment, upsell or cross-sell products or services, and even update your CRM.

Get More From your Facebook Advertising Budget

Our AI-driven advertising platform makes it easier for you to optimize your advertising campaigns on Facebook. Launch hyper-targeted ads with a goal to engage in real conversations using Facebook Messenger to convert visitors into online sales.

Amplify Sales & Marketing Engagement

SalesBoxAI integrates your sales and marketing data in order to find and nurture leads, collect customer information and take online orders. From a single login, you can plan, launch and optimize calling, email, Facebook advertising and content marketing campaigns. Easily integrate SalesBoxAI into your eCommerce platform to create a seamless experience – and track results every step of the way.

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