Drive Loyalty

67% of consumers who place an order online will visit that restaurant more frequently than those that won’t. Make it easy to place an order, reserve a table or send your menu using preferred apps like Facebook Messenger.

Create a Seamless Experience

Your customers expect a seamless offline to online experience. SalesBoxAI makes it easy to meet this demand by being available on the channels they prefer most to contact you, reserve a table or learn more about your restaurant.

Integrate Sales and Marketing

SalesBoxAI integrates your sales and marketing data in order to find and nurture leads, collect customer information and manage online orders. From a single login, you can plan, launch and optimize calling, email, Facebook advertising and content marketing campaigns and track results.

An Intelligent Sales Automation Platform for Restaurants

SalesBoxAI allows you to unify and sync your sales and marketing data to engage your customers on the channels they prefer most.

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Experience what AI-Avatar can do for your restaurant

Experience what AI-Avatar can do for your restaurant

AI-Avatar allows you to meet a variety of customer’s needs and requests – all at the same time.  Below are just a few examples of what Avatar can do.

A customer has an allergy and wants to look at the menu before she comes in.
One customer would like to make a reservation from his mobile phone.
After leaving your restaurant, one customer can’t wait to leave a 5 star review.
This customer got a coupon and would like to redeem it.

Put Facebook Advertising on Autopilot

Eliminate manual tasks that AI-Avatar can do much better – such as optimize bids, budgets, targeting and creative.  Avatar can automatically

  • Create ads based on your product feeds
  • Follow predefined rules centered around your goals, like CPC and clicks
  • Optimize your bid, budget and advanced actions at scale
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