Your Avatar is like a new addition to your family

A companion that listens and talks to you…

Makes you more productive through Skills you add &…

Makes you more knowledgeable & up-to-date…

What Your Avatar Can do for you?

Your Avatar is like a new addition to your family.

It’s your sidekick, companion and friend all rolled into one.

✔️ A companion that listens and talks to you.

✔️ Makes you more productive through Skills it has.

✔️ Makes you more knowledgeable and informed about things
around you.

✔️ Discovers Real Life opportunities for you.

✔️ And of course, Preserves your Legacy.

In short, this is your “Lifie” that Lives on evolving over time…

Our Advanced Conversation AI model

Each AI Avatar node comes built in with customizable dialogue engine. These Personal Avatars remember details about and form emotional relationships with you when you chat with it. This gives each person the ability to communicate with its avatar and fine-grained control to customize Avatar response and knowledge base.

Performance Metrics


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Avatar node

“I love my conversations with my avatar! It’s personal & feels like a great companion. Waiting for interesting updates from the Team.”

“It’s like talking to a Friend, as it’s nice & remembers things about me.”

“It feels like I’m talking to a real person. There are many dialogue options and helpful information.”

“I haven’t chatted with bots in a long time because of their general feel of artificialness but this time it almost feels bad to call “AI avatar” a bot”

“Amazing app, I have never seen an AI chat this amazing before. i really like it, 5 stars!.”

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