Demand Unit Based Marketing: ABM 3.0 Planning Guide 2020

B-to-B marketing is always about regularly choosing and adapting to the changing marketing environment. In the past years, Account Based Marketing has produced higher ROI and it will continue to be one of the best practices to follow in the upcoming years. But in 2020 many competitive B-to-B businesses will be forced to move towards improved tactics. Demand Unit Based Marketing, considered to be the 3.0 version of ABM comprises of the new tactics need to be followed in the coming years.

For B-to-B marketing leaders, it’s important to understand and plan their 2020 fiscal year with the promising and on-demand tactics in the market. These tactics include changing their focus from individual leads to buying groups, moving from linear nurture flows to dynamic interactions, and effective use of social media in the marketing process. In this guide, you can understand the major factors marketers should consider while deciding the buyer journey in 2020.

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