Demand Generation – The Complete Guide on How to Start and Engage with New and Existing Clients

Demand generation has quickly become a popular subject in the
worlds of B2B and SaaS marketing. It is a highly effective
marketing strategy that leverages many of the tools you’re already
using. The innovative and all-encompassing nature of demand
generation is similar to the values of the companies deploying it.

When marketers set out to create demand generation strategies, a
broad perspective is required. This is because demand generation
requires a certain (often overlooked) degree of cooperation
between the sales and marketing departments.

As a data-driven process, the best demand generation tactics
locate and nurture key prospects over the long term — from both
sides of the cycle — engaging them through multiple platforms
and touchpoints.

This guide will walk you through how B2B marketers can create a
comprehensive demand generation strategy. We’ll break down
every phase of the demand generation funnel, with an emphasis
on optimization and sales creation.

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