What Is an AI Avatar and How Can It Help Your Business?

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Imagine if you have doubled your workforce and the new workforce is handling the repetitive and error-prone tasks related to sales and marketing. The new workforce is working along with your current employees and accelerating your business results.

SalesboxAI provides the fastest way to expand your business targets without increasing your human resources. Our AI Avatar frees your sales reps to focus on what they do best – closing deals.

Read on to learn about how AI Avatar creates amazing results for businesses across the globe with the use of Artificial Intelligence technology.

What is AI Avatar?

AI Avatar is designed to help sales reps by automating processes and tasks by the use of modern artificial intelligence technology. It is commonly leveraged by sales and marketing teams to automate day to day mundane tasks so they can have more time to focus on complex and involved responsibilities.

AI Avatar enables organizations to deliver a personalized touch to all their contacts, leads, and customers. The ability to communicate in a human-like manner is a huge advancement from how businesses have been able to interact with contacts thus far, which up until recently has been limited by employee capacity or largely generic mass email programs.

With the SalesboxAI Platform, we help you configure your AI Avatar for your business so that you’re automating responses that make sense, reflecting your values, and explaining your products or services. At the same time, an AI Avatar can update your database, contact numbers, and names, and automate the scheduling of meetings with your sales team.

Your AI Avtar can interact with your targeted resources in multiple channels in an orchestrated way to generate maximum results from each target account. AI avatar interacts via Email, website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, and Messenger to boost the response rates. AI avatar also can manage your advertisements on platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

How Can Avatars Help Your Business?

Businesses of different sizes and industries are looking towards  Artificial Intelligence, especially when it comes to automating takes that require higher human involvement. According to studies Sales reps only spend 37 percent of their time selling. Most of a Salesperson’s time is spent on non-revenue generating activities such as finding contacts and accounts, follow up with contacts to get first response, etc… SalesboxAI Sales Avatars help you manage salespersons time by automating these repetitive duties, your Salespeople can focus on high-value work they actually enjoy.

AI Avatar represents your company and makes conversations with Buying Group Members. It will be a part of your sales/marketing team and works 24/7 to achieve your business goals. Your avatar ensures that none of the contacts/leads and unattended or lost. Even when you are out of the desk or your team is enjoying a holiday, your avatar will generate responses for you.

The consumer expectations for polite and personalized communications are rising, organizations with modern and creative methods to tackle this will have an advantage over the rest. With SalesboxAI you can create personalized conversations with customers in a human-like manner to generate responses. With the use of Conversational AI software, AI Avatar identifies the conversation and answers with the right set of responses.

Your AI Avatar will help you to:

  • Develop a Custom Audience matching your Target Criteria and Cultivate Early interest within the Target Accounts
  • Reach out to contacts via channels they are available.
  • Orchestrate conversations in multiple-channels for better results.
  • Set appointments and notify for meetings.
  • Warm-up and Qualify inbound Leads coming in via Web, Chat, LinkedIn and Email.
  • Take up the conversation all the way till payment.
  • Followup with customers and resell other products.
  • Activate lost and dormant leads.
  • Analyze Real-time insights to optimize funnels.
  • Advocate your product in multiple languages.

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