Orchestrated Demand Unit Engagement

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Alex Roy
Founder & CEO

Demand Unit based Marketing adds an additional dimension to ABM, taking it to a whole new level.

The key difference being that,

1. We are identifying members of the Buying Group from up-to 5 different Personas
2. Generate Responses from members of the Demand Unit Using Conversational AI (Email + Social Ads)
3. Conversations & Interactions are scored and aggregated at Demand Unit level.
4. Progress and Stage are tracked at a Demand Unit Level giving deeper insights.
The buying group committee members of a Demand Unit is a diverse group from different departments. It involves primary Decision Makers and Influencers as well as a secondary set of Decision Makers and Influencers.

As a marketer being able to engage with the right people from this group with the right message at the right time is crucial in creating sales opportunities and supporting sales in their efforts to close the deal.

At SalesboxAI, you can automate both discovery and orchestrate multi-channel engagement with Demand Unit members.

The diagram below shows, how the process works in moving from Target Demand to Prioritized Demand. You could either start with an AMB/Target Account List, or a first party or third party feed of accounts actively researching on topics that matter to you.

The image below shows an example of this. Avatars representing multiple people from a company engaging in conversations with different members of the Buying Committee with specific messages at the time and channel that you choose.

The Demand Unit Dashboard helps you monitor progress and get deeper insight at an Account and Demand Unit Level.

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