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In the beginning, when SalesboxAI was born a long back ago it only speaks English. It was only designed for Leads who spoke in English and will have the conversation only through the same. Later the SalesboxAI Family who was keen on developing the new technology and made a suggestion that, “what if our avatar can handle email conversation in multiple Languages?” Yes, It was the ultimate reason behind the multiple language integrations into our Avatars all across the globe.


Today most of the Sales automation software or Sales assistants can engage with the leads in a single language platform, most commonly used in English. But to a Global CRM like us, it must be a transparent median to all type of people. Now we are initially adding 2 languages, French and German to our AI Avatars. So that the people who are using these languages can have an email conversation with the Avatar without any hurdles.

Apart from the Email conversation, Ai Avatar can sentiment analysis the conversation irrespective of language and engage with them intelligently. The Avatar has the skill to incorporate Adaptive cadence and sentiment analysis to have a right conversation at the right time. Our Avatar is one of its kind to do so in multiple languages.

This update will be satisfied for the users from the basic plan onwards which starts from $999. And in future, our team is keenly working on to incorporate much more languages into the Avatar and soon we will be back with some big news ahead.

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