How to find new customers using SalesboxAI?

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Every organisation spends a major part of their budget for generating contacts and bringing new customers. Many businesses believe the only way is to find new leads, but a number of experts say that this strategy leaves out an obvious potential source of new sales. It’s much easier to get an existing lead who knows about you to buy than to convince a new contact to take the plunge. Don’t forget your low hanging fruit. The new acquisition plans should be a perfect blend of new and existing contacts. This allows organisations to find new customers with higher ROI.

If you look into your CRM you can find most of the contacts in the sales funnel remain inactive or not attended. Sales teams tempt to miss the lion’s share of contacts as they might be busy with prospecting current potential contacts. With efficient use of technology and manpower, this issue can be avoided. With the use of AI, you can automate the lead follow-up and engagement to confirm that all the leads in the funnel are attended. Human efforts can be productively used for closing the deals rather than finding them.

SalesboxAI allows sales reps to delegate their day-to-day sales tasks to their conversational AI Avatar. AI-Avtar follow-up the contacts and engages in one-to-one conversations in real time and learn directly from contacts to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs. Sales reps will get alerted only when a manual intervention is required and updates information such as best time to call, correct contact person, their phone number etc… This helps sales teams to concentrate on their core work and stay productive. Conversational AI-Avatar engages and re-engages with inbound leads that have interacted with your brand as well as new and out-of-date contacts.

Your AI-Avatar can handle the contact generation part when and if it is required. AI will generate new contacts based upon your persona and start engaging with them to ensure a continued flow of sales-ready contacts to the sales team. AI maintains the perfect proportions between new and existing contacts and converts the potential leads.
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