Enabling Demand Unit Waterfall within SalesboxAI Revenue Engine

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Alex Roy
Founder & CEO

The Demand Unit Waterfall framework from Sirius Decisions provides a process and measurement framework to better align the b-to-b revenue engine.

The SalesboxAI Revenue Engine helps you close deals faster using Conversational AI. It does this by engaging with the right Buying Group members in each stage of the Demand Unit Waterfall.

1)Define/Assign Buying Groups within Accounts: This involves defining appropriate Buying Group Member Personas for each stage and applying this to a group of accounts.

2)Discover key members of this Buying Group: Identify and Add verified Buying group members into the system at each stage.

3)Orchestrate Engagement: Orchestrate multiple Avatars to engage over 1–1 email conversations with the Buying Group. For example 3 different Avatars (Sales Rep, Sales Mgr, Director Marketing) could have separate email conversations with different members of the Buying Group. This is very different from the traditional approach of same email going to everyone in a company from a single sales rep.

4)Identify Demand Units: Over time based on responses from engagement and external inputs the system would identify Demand Units within an Account.

5)Alert Sales: Trigger “Demand Alerts” for follow up by Sales.