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Alex Roy
Founder & CEO

Recently came across wonderful article by Peter Mahoney about what he describes as an “end to end sales marketing machine”.

This article talks about how the Conversational AI powered Sales Engine offering that we provide at SalesboxAI aligns with this.

1) Demand Sources: As Peter mentioned, there are multiple sources of leads and opportunities that contribute to the overall demand for your products and services.
Here’s how we help our customers with this:
Outbound: Discover and Engage with Contacts from within your ABM List
Inbound: Run targeted content marketing campaigns to generate Content Leads

2) Qualify: Our Sales Avatar helps you add a human dimension to your marketing efforts by having natural 2 way conversations to qualify leads further and convert to opportunities.

3) Win Deals: In certain consumer focussed verticals like Real Estate, Auto, Insurance, Healthcare…etc, it’s possible to have the Avatar take the conversation all the way to payment and close deals.

4) Conditioning Programs: Bi Directional sync with CRM & Marketing Automation systems allows the Sales Avatar to initiate additional conversations to support the deal by sharing for example ROI calculator, Case Studies, Re Targeting campaigns on Facebook etc.

5) Revive Dormant Leads: Often in most companies this constitutes the largest pot of leads. Leads which marketing passed to sales and then got moved to this state after Sales gives up on it. There’s multiple reasons for leads going cold usually — slow followup, the lead not being ready at that moment, sales giving up too soon or chasing something that’s more immediate.
Deploying a Sales Avatar to engage patiently over time to revive these leads allows marketing to reap more out of the effort and marketing budget spend which was already done to create these leads in the first place.

6) Cross Sell/Up Sell: This brings us to the art of maximizing on opportunities from the customers who have already invested in what you have to offer. This is where apart from a Sales Avatar, a Customer Success or Account Mgr type of Avatar adds value.

7) Awareness/Reputation: As there is no direct attribution often to Branding/Awareness campaigns at times this crucial aspect is neglected by Demand Gen teams. Through SalesboxAI, you are able to run targeted ABM campaigns through channels like Facebook and Email to optimize your spend on this front.

The last and final element in this is to have an effective dashboard to view the progress of these initiatives.
At SalesboxAI we provide you a customizable ABM Dashboard to view the progress at an Account Level. This dashboard can be embedded as a custom tab within your CRM to help you monitor your Sales Engine performance.

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