• 4 tactics to make deep yielding marketing funnels

    Raghuram KS VP of Account Based Marketing Experienced B2B marketers will vouch that orchestrating a high-intensity, short duration, high impact programs targeting a specific set of target accounts to a desired outcome is very challenging, though achievable with the right set of planning When measuring value throughout the funnel in…

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  • 8 tips to achieve your Sales goals faster

    Abhijith Digital Marketing Specialist at SalesboxAI You are not alone; around 57% of the sales reps miss their quota. We must agree that some companies have unrealistic targets which are not achievable. But most of the organizations have proper planning towards the sales targets and there are plenty of salespeople…

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  • 6 Best Practices to Convert Leads Using AI Sales Software

    AbhijithDigital Marketing Specialist at SalesboxAI     We’re in an AI spring, the revolution has changed the way sales was done before. With the help of AI-powered sales Avatar, you can fulfill the initial lead qualification effort. AI will automatically identify and categorize hot leads, warm leads and negative responses.…

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  • 20 Lead Qualification Questions to Spot your ‘Sales-Ready’ Leads

    Raghuram KS VP of Account Based Marketing If a lead is passed from the marketing team to you (sales), that doesn’t mean lead is sales-ready. And if a salesperson assumes so, a significant effort can be wasted in nurturing leads that had no chance of going anywhere anyway. Therefore, here…

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