8 tips to achieve your Sales goals faster

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You are not alone; around 57% of the sales reps miss their quota. We must agree that some companies have unrealistic targets which are not achievable. But most of the organizations have proper planning towards the sales targets and there are plenty of salespeople who achieve more than their targets. If you are not one of them, the following tips will help you achieve your sales goals.

1. Set your daily activity
Create a proper plan for your day-to-day sales activities. Calculate how many calls/emails it’ll require on a daily basis to hit your target. Break your comfort zone, try to stretch your target in the initial phase. This will maximize your confidence. Once you set your targets, find out the key times which work for your industry such as best time to –E-mail, Follow-up and Call, etc.

2. Follow-up effectively
Don’t give up easily, follow-up your leads and try to move the conversation forward. Most sales development reps fail due to inefficient lead follow-up. Creating a lead follow-up plan considering the nature of your business will help you resolve this issue.

3. Offer a value
Give and take, give first before you ask for it. That could include giving prospects a free e-Book, webinar, event ticket, etc. The offer should be something that isn’t directly related to your product but it should create value for them.

4. Make use of technology
In the modern age technology matters a lot, choose the right technology which suits your business. Sales friendly AI platforms such as SalesboxAI will help you find quality leads which will make your job much easier.

5. Ask More Questions
When you are struggling to get a deal over the line, try asking more questions. Figure out what’s holding them back? What do they need? Questions will help you understand the issues they face and you can offer the right solution.

6. Use Social Media
Social media is a major factor in the sales process, if you are not utilizing social media, start using from today. Social media helps you to identify more decision makers and establish a relationship with them.

7. Measure your performance
Frequent measurement of your sales activity will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Find out where you need to improve and focus on it.

8. Enjoy your work
Start enjoying your work and have fun. Releasing your stress will help you stay focused and productive, work smart and achieve more.

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