6 Best Practices to Convert Leads Using AI Sales Software

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We’re in an AI spring, the revolution has changed the way sales was done before. With the help of AI-powered sales Avatar, you can fulfill the initial lead qualification effort. AI will automatically identify and categorize hot leads, warm leads and negative responses. Based on the AI activity, sales can focus their time on call-me-now leads (who already confirmed their desire to be contacted). This AI revolution helps to overcome the sales challenges and convert more.

Now let’s see how AI covert contacts to call-me-now leads:

1. Engage your customers in the channel which they prefer
Delivering Contextually — relevant, highly effective messages at right time on the right channels will maximize customer engagement and results in higher conversion. Let your prospects and customers engage with your sales avatar in the communication channels they use daily — online and offline. SalesboxAI will engage with customers over multiple channels like Facebook, Twitter, Email, Voice, Slack, Amazon Echo, Text etc. to qualify leads. This allows you to give customers unique, individualized experiences every time they connect with your brand.

2. Adaptive Cadence
62% of the companies struggle with their conversations even after creating good content and selecting perfect timings. Commonly a lot of messages gets lost in between or remains unattended. The primitive tools may be able to set a pre-defined date and time for the conversations, but with the changing market, this is not enough. SalesboxAI with its AI-driven sales avatar can manage the conversations according to the previous conversation sequence and time. Every lead will have dynamic and personalized messages according to their behavior. Adaptive cadence has resulted in higher response rates and conversions.

3. Treat your contacts like individuals
Age of automated emails is over, buyers are vigilant and they consider blasted emails as spam. Marketers need to consider the buyers as individuals and need to customize the interactions based on the context. AI sales avatar can help you to interact with the buyers in a personalized way to achieve your sales goals. Your sales avatar can explain the product/service offering, deliver information/ reports on demand, take questions and quickly find answers from FAQ’s, documents and websites etc.. Based on the campaign and the responses from the buyers AI will send tailor-made messages and engages over the channel.

4. Send Time Optimization
The send time optimization feature ensures that the messages are sent at the right time when the customers are likely to open their inbox. SalesboxAI Campaign Automation determines- when the next message should be delivered to your contact, based on the most frequent open time for that contact evaluated over a number of sends. SalesboxAI delivers messages at the exact time of the day and day of the week; thus ensures higher open rate and advanced engagement metrics. When you are conveying your messages to millions of your customers at the same time, each of them will receive the message at their optimal time

5. Don’t give up too early
A recent survey commissioned by Hubspot found that prospecting is the part of the sales process the reps struggle the most. More than 40% of the sales reps struggle with prospecting. Usual sales rep tends to give up after 2 sales touch points wherein 80% of sales are made after the 6th touch point. So giving up early will leave great deals behind. If sales reps follow up leads to qualify them and insist them to take an action they will miss the valuable time to sell. Assign AI-Avatar to do this task for the rep, allowing him to focus on selling.

6. Fill your pipeline with more qualified leads
According to the CSO insight report, only 42 percent of MQLs are accepted and worked by sales. Rest is considered as rejected due to failing to meet SQL requirement.
AI sales platform will engage with MQLs over the channel and qualify them to meet the sales requirements. You can fill your pipeline with more qualified leads and focus on building strategies to convert SQLs to customers.
AI-Avatar has transformed the way prospecting have done. As SalesboxAI automatically surfaces the most interested prospects, sales team can improve their performance and contact leads with confidence.

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