5 Ways B2B Marketers Can Help Sales Reps with Valuable Sales Conversations

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As the B2B marketing funnel gets longer and more complex, organizations are looking up to marketers to enable sales teams with more valuable sales conversations. To put it simply, the core of valuable sales conversations start with who we want to engage with. Along with this, as marketers, we have a responsibility to provide our sales counterparts with the knowledge and tools they need to have valuable conversations with prospects and customers

In this blog post, I will cover 5 ways for marketers who want to better equip sales teams with valuable sales conversations

1. Identify High Probability Accounts

Sales teams love to prospect based on account based strategy. Along with inputs from sales team, marketers can leverage third party intelligence tools such as Bambora to discover potential accounts in the market. Further, you can come up with firmographic, technographic and psychographic data to select the right accounts. A detailed outline on how to identify high probability accounts which could convert is on our earlier blog here. Your sales team will thank you for a well defined account list backed by data and sales team insights

2. Identify Buying Groups

In a B2B buying scenario, the decision making involves multiple people within the organization, sometimes as high as 7-9 buyers as part of the committee depending on the budget, criticality, product/service type and inter-departmental dependencies and so on. Use demographic attributes such as title keywords, department, job level to create buyer personas and role of each persona. See how we discover buying group members at SalesboxAI. As the conversation opens up in an account, the buying group intelligence helps the sales rep to understand the role of each stakeholder and position the conversation accordingly

3. Leverage Conversational AI

As conversational AI powered sales assistants are getting mainstream, marketers can free up sales team from mundane and routine follow-ups with prospective buyers. For instance, SalesboxAI enables creation of an Avatar in the name of individual sales team members which follows-up with prospective buyers – at scale, and persists until it gets a response. The response is usually a meeting request booked at the sales rep’s calendar. How awesome it that!

Looking to the future, conversational AI avatars will continue to get smarter and easier to use. SalesboxAI is constantly training virtual avatars for improved capabilities and we expect avatars to become fact of B2B sales in the coming years




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4. Create and maintain centrally accessible sales content library

We all know that sales doesn’t use most of marketing created content. In fact, a study by IDC points to a staggering 80% of content not used by sales. If you don’t want your hard work to go to waste, it’s crucial that your sales team has a central hub for all the resources they need to succeed at their job

The sales library should include:

  • Product brochures, case studies
  • White papers, eBooks, Infographics, Videos etc
  • Customer testimonials and stories
  • Event and webinar calendars
  • Marketing approved email and calling templates
  • Other presentation aids and templates

5. Provide Access to AI Powered ABM Dashboards

Internal lead nurturing is not just for prospects and customers. Bring sales team up to speed with internal lead nurturing statistics and provide insights as to who is engaging and with what content. For instance, if multiple members of a buying group are engaging with your content, your sales team would be delighted to consider this information as a buying intent and would act on it immediately. See how we use our own platform to enable our sales reps


Enabling the sales team with valuable sales conversations isn’t a one off project. It’s a continuous project that requires frequently communicating with your sales team to see what you can do to better enable them and adjusting your strategy accordingly. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend a biweekly check in and evaluation

For illustration on how SalesboxAI’s Demand Unit driven ABM platform enables your sales team to close deals faster, schedule a demo


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