Segment Audiences

Create campaign structure with a different combination of targeting parameters that work best for your business.

Optimize Creative

AI-Avatar can launch with different variations of an ad’s creative and automatically select the best combination to improve campaign KPIs.

Automate Actions

Automate actions easily and create rules for AI-Avatar to follow (e.g. CPC > $5) with advanced actions like change bid, budget, start/stop and more.

Take the Guess Work out of Facebook Advertising.

Our AI-driven advertising platform makes it easy to optimize advertising campaigns on Facebook. SalesboxAI delivers optimizations and insights beyond the capability of any team of human experts. By using machine learning to detect patterns and trends across hundreds of data points, it can test ad creatives and audience segments at scale.

With enough data, SalesboxAI can automatically:

Launch hyper-targeted ads to a different combination of targeting parameters
Engage in real conversations by driving customers to Facebook Messenger from your ad
Monitor and optimize ad spend based on ads performance in real time
A/B test and automatically optimize ad spend towards the highest performing ads

Bid Optimization Made Easy

AI-Avatar, can target ad spend towards the most engaged segments based on hundreds of data points. Sales Avatar will autonomously update your bids throughout the duration of the campaign to ensure your budget is driving real results at the lowest cost possible.

A/B Testing at Scale

AI-Avatar makes it easy to test ads, images and copy toward your targeted segments. Within minutes, Avatar can create multiple ads, test them against each other and eliminate ads that aren’t performing.

Put Facebook Advertising on Autopilot

Eliminate manual tasks that Avatar can do much better – such as optimize bids, budgets, targeting and creative.  AI-Avatar can automatically

  • Create ads based on your product feeds
  • Follow predefined rules centered around your goals, like CPC and clicks
  • Optimize your bid, budget and advanced actions at scale

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