Amplify Engagement

Let people engage your sales avatar in the communication channels they use daily online and offline.

Multi-Channel Workflows

Enable multi-channel workflows using email, text and Messenger to increase conversions and foster loyalty.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Collect online payments, run loyalty or coupon programs, answer questions, share a video and so much more with your AI powered sales avatar.

Send the Most Relevant Offer

AI-Avatar evaluates the behavior and interactions each customer has with your brand and will use that data to engage with your customers using the most relevant offer, content or action.

Deliver on the Promise of Personalization

AI-Avatar can enhance customer conversations on any channel where your customer chooses to engage. This dramatically improves the customer experience and turns every interaction with your brand an opportunity to offer a unique experience.

Manage Upsell and Cross-sell Strategies

Make the right offer at the right time to existing customers by offering unique omni-channel offers to meet your customer’s needs, likes or interests.