How it works:

With Artificial Intelligence at its core, SalesboxAI incorporates predictive analytics, machine-learning and other proprietary algorithms to deploy and optimize marketing campaigns at the speed and scale required to give customers unique, individualized experiences with your brand.

As your Sales Avatar learns and grows with your business, it becomes more intelligent and creates digital marketing interactions unassisted, using the results of multivariate tests and deep-level analysis to make better decisions moving forward. That means that the campaigning process is handled automatically on every channel and device, every step of the way.

Omni-Channel Sales Avatars For Marketing and Sales Teams

SalesboxAI can engage prospects and customers in meaningful conversations on the channels they prefer. This allows you to give customers unique, individualized experiences every time they connect with your brand.


Simplify your sales cycle with personalized emails that inspire action


Reach people at scale and interact with them individually


Scale your reach and engage in meaningful conversations


Integrate conversations in the tools your customers use most


Make it easy to reach and communicate with customers at scale


Give customers a personal touch with a personal message


Stand out from the competition by keeping pace with innovation

For marketing teams:

SalesBoxAI for Marketing helps with:

For sales teams:

AI-Avatar can eliminate mundane tasks like prospecting, scheduling appointments and qualifying leads – so they can focus on closing.

SalesBoxAI Sales and Marketing Benefits

Give Customers Unique, Individualized Brand Experiences

Because of powerful AI technology, Sales Avatar can manage marketing campaigns at the pace and scale that marketers need to truly deliver unique experiences throughout each customer’s journey with your brand.

Simplify your Technology Stack

With a fully integrated sales and marketing platform, you can reduce or eliminate some of the tools and technology needed to launch cross-channel campaigns. Because AI-Avatar can engage across web, search, social, email, Messenger or text within the SalesBoxAI marketing platform, you can now simplify your marketing technology stack.

Optimize your Advertising Budget

Because the mission is to hit your KPIs in the most effective and efficient way possible – across all digital channels – AI-Avatar is programmed to A/B test, optimize budgets, schedule appointments, send emails, engage in conversations and so much more – on the fly. With your Avatar, you can get a more accurate and holistic view of where you should be making marketing investments – and make adjustments automatically.

Increase and Accelerate Revenue

AI-Avatar has a clear focus to qualify and convert leads into customers. Whether you want Avatar to take online payments or alert sales when there is a qualified lead, Avatar will automatically optimize budget, ads, messages and tasks towards the actions that are driving real results for your business.

Make Data-Driven Marketing Decisions

Because AI-Avatar was built utilizing artificial intelligence, It is constantly learning and getting smarter and smarter. Avatar uses this learnings and insights to further improve each campaign so that you no longer have to perform analysis and extract insights yourself. AI-Avatar provides a layer of intelligence that has not previously been available to your marketing team.

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