What if your best closers could spend more time with forming long-lasting relationships with your customers? With SalesboxAI, you’ll gain access to the right features needed to create high-value AI-driven sales avatar, without unnecessary development complexity.

Scale Engagement

Add AI-Avatar to every campaign to foster human-life email conversations with leads that have expressed an intent to buy.

Follow Up with Every Lead

Most leads generated from your advertising campaigns will go cold if not followed up on right away. AI-Avatar will drive conversations with every lead on the channels your customers prefer.

Build a Fully Trained Sales Avatar

Because AI-Avatar has engaged in thousands of conversations already, Avatar knows how to discover, contact, engage and qualify every lead to boost your number of closed deals.

Give customers the service they expect

Define the complex and simple “skills” your sales avatar will perform to help customers or partners complete frustrating tasks − quickly. Get utmost flexibility to create a range of purposeful, actionable and proactive skills for your Sales Avatar to do, including:

Explain a product or service offering
Book appointments and meetings
Deliver information or reports on-demand and per schedule
Take questions and quickly find answers from FAQs, documents and websites
Hold multi-faceted, business-logic driven dialogs

Increase engagement to close more deals – faster.

Let your prospects and customers engage with your sales avatar in the communication channels they use daily – online and offline. Our pre-built skills and our best-in-class dynamic scripting engine balance rich experiences and rapid integration.

Bring your Sales Avatar to consumer messaging apps like Facebook Messenger
Enable multi channel workflows using email, text and messenger
Drive traffic from Web and Offline channels to your Sales Avatar
Collect Online Payments
Run Loyalty/Coupon programs

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