Add a super-efficient employee to your sales and marketing team.

Buying Group Focus

Identify and engage with buying committees at your target accounts.


Orchestrate the buyer journey with cross-channel personalization.

Why Account Based Marketing 3.0?

Intent-based approach to ABM

Identify intent signals from every available source to fully understand the Account Based Buying Journey. Track accounts that are closely related to your product/solution and get insights to the buying intention. Target and prioritize the audience that is likely searching for the solution that you sell. Take advantage of knowing your prospects even before starting the marketing campaigns.

SalesboxAI Echo

Sales and Marketing under one roof

Close sales opportunities faster as a team. With separate visibility to sales and marketing dashboards, account-based marketing platform allow sales and marketing to access insights which are relevant to them. Marketers can see the salesperson’s engagement details and act based on it. The sales get access to the entire buying group tagged with the opportunity so that they can identify the stakeholder in each account.

Orchestrate buyer Engagement

Interact with potential buyers through real-time conversations with account-based orchestration. Leverage Conversational AI to engage potential leads via natural 2-way conversations over multiple channels. Select the channels you need to engage and access all channels at a centralized account-based marketing platform.


One-to-one personalization

Reach out to multiple buyers within a single account through different channels based on personas. Engage every buyer focusing on their pain points and create conversations that really matter to each person. Intelligently interact with different sets of customers and maximize opportunities and conversions from the right business choice.

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Buyer group details at scale

Get access to the buyer details based on the targeted account list. Identify new and known contacts across locations with artificial intelligence and generate segmented buyer details. Leads segmented based on account, offered product, department, Job Title or other key differentiators based on industry allow you to reach individuals with precise and personalized reach out.

SalesboxAI Discover

Integrate with existing tech stack

Integrates effectively with all your current sales and marketing tools to create efficient work flows. Work in the ecosystem which is designed to expand ABM solutions to include CRM, content management systems, direct mail platforms, marketing automation, analytics engines and more technologies needed to execute an effective ABM strategy.

Account based advertisement

Leverage popular social media channels to deliver personalized ads to your account group members. Target professional audience from your account list through Facebook and LinkedIn. Focus only on the right target audience matching your persona with the help of the Conversational AI platform.

SalesboxAI Target

Customize Lead Score

Score leads by creating your own custom lead scoreboard based on their characteristics and qualities. SalesboxAI allows you to create custom weights to contents and engagement as per the guided formats to generate tailored scoring metrics for your business. Track conversation, engagement and other metrics to score in the lead, Buyer Persona and account level.

Account Based Marketing
Planning Guide

Plan 2020 marketing with demand unit driven approach to Account Based Marketing

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